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Award winning researcher: Uses data to gain insights, make better decisions, and improve the design of systems.

Aspiring Designer: Analyzes Jobs to be done (JTBD), constructs customer journeys, prototypes interfaces and usability tests. Learning to code (this site is part of that process).

Consultant and Coach: Helps executives and teams design interfaces to improve productivity.

Author: The AI Conundrum (MIT Press 2024, co-authored with Caleb Briggs)How Algorithms And Software Are Changing Marketing, What Sticks, Why Advertising Fails, plus over 100 articles.

Coverage of the What Sticks Book by Briggs & Stuart

What Sticks received coverage on CNN, CNBC, NPR (Marketplace Radio), CBS Market Watch, Ad Age, The Economist and more. Here is quick Market Watch Interview with Rex Briggs.

Lifelong Learning

It started with a few iTunes University Lectures from Stanford and MIT on Machine Learning on my long flights across country. It became more formalized techucation. I wanted to better understand the work of full stack developers -- so that meant walking in their shoes and learning to program and develop myself. I enrolled in a distance learning course at MIT, an on-line course from my local community college, and a few "at your own pace" course through Stack Skills. If I am going to learn this stuff, I'm going all in!